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Intimation under Regulation 30 of SEBI(LODR) Regulations, 2015

Appointment of CFO

Compliance under Reg.30 of SEBI ( LODR)

Outcome of Board Meeting 06 12 2016

SEBI MPS Quarterly Compliance

Notice of Board Meeting

Press Release

Share Capital Audit under SEBI 55A 3009 2016

Reg40(9) of SEBI(LODR) 3009 2016

Reg7(3) Listing Regulations3009 2016

Reg13(3) of Listing Regulations for Qtr Ended 30th September,2016

Reg 31(1)(b) of Listing Regulation for 30th September,2016


Compliance as per Regulation 57(1) of SEBI-LODR

Reply to Clarification

Compliance Under Reg 44(3) of SEBI LODR

Outcome of 96th AGM

Outcome of Board Meeting 10th September,2016

Disclosure Under Reg 30 of SEBI(LODR) on JVA

Intimation of Board Meeting

Press Release Uniper

Newspaper Advertisement of Notice of 96th AGM under Regulation 47 of SEBI LODR 2015

Outcome of the Board Meeting 5th August,2016

Intimation of a Wholly Owned Subsidiary

Notice of Board Meeting

Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit 30th June,2016

Resignation of CFO L.N.Mandhana

Compliance Report on Corporate Governance for Quarter ended 30th June,2016

Investor Complaints for Quarter ended 30th June,2016

Outcome of Board Meeting 14th May,2016

Intimation Under Regulation 52 of Listing Regulation for 31st March,2016


Intimation Under Regulation 29(2)

Reconcillation of Shared Capital Audit For Quarter ended 31st March,2016

Intimation Under Regulation 40(9) of SEBI(LODR) for half year ended 31st March,2016

Disclosure Under Regulation 30 of SEBI(SAST) REG 2011

Compliance Under Reg 7(3) of LODR

Investor Complaints Under Reg 13(3) of SEBI(LODR) for 31st March,2016

Compliance Report on Corporate Governance for Quarter and Year Ended 31st March,2016

Press Release 25th Feb 2016

Incorporation of wholly owned subsidiary Company

Acquisition of shares in MEPL

Resignation of Director