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Welcome to India Power

India Power Corporation Limited (IPCL), formerly known as DPSC Limited and incorporated in 1919, is one of the leading power generation and utility companies in India. An ISO 9001:2015 entity, it has actively forayed into a diversified portfolio, with renewable and conventional modes of power generation, distribution & power trading.

Having a diversified portfolio of conventional and renewable modes of power generation, multi-location distribution, operation & maintenance and logistic outfits, it is our constant endeavor to grow the scale and scope of our operations in the energy sector. We are constantly seeking synergic opportunities in the power generation and distribution space to enhance our presence organically and inorganically.

As a Distribution Company, IPCL flies high in its licensed area of 618 km2 in Asansol-Raniganj belt of West Bengal. The distribution network is overhead and the current T&D loss is below 3%, lower than the industry average of approximately 25%.

Another significant feather in IPCL’s cap was the successful connectivity to West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited commissioning of 220 kV. J.K. Nagar Substation. Purchasing of power is done daily through Indian Energy Exchange (IEX), which steadily reduces our cumulative power purchase cost.

India Power took over the reins in Bodhgaya, Gaya, Manpur and adjoining areas as a Distribution Franchisee namely India Power Corporation (Bodhgaya) Limited on behalf of South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited in 2014. Through new technological corrections, meter replacements, cable changes and the installation of bare conductors, T&D losses were pushed down from 70% in June 2014 to 56% in March 2016.There is a base of 1,80,000 consumers and increasing on a regular basis.

In a first for an Indian distribution franchisee, India Power has entered into a partnership with the US Trade & Development Agency. Their agreement, announced during the US-India Strategic & Commercial Dialogue, will help implement Smart Gird Technology on India Power’s distribution network - particularly to its Gaya Franchise in the state of Bihar – boosting efficiency and reliability while minimizing wastage. Technically, IPCL has hit several milestones in smart grid operations and smart meter incorporation. The smart grid, which uses information and communication technology to gather data about the behavior of suppliers and consumers to improve the efficiency of production and distribution, also allows us to identify and correct supply/demand imbalances instantaneously and detect faults through a self-healing process.

As for Power Trading, a subsidiary of IPCL, IPCL Power Trading Private Limited (IPTPL) has received a category-3 another state trading license from the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission. By virtue of this license, IPTPL can now trade up to 628 MU of electricity per annum on a pan-India basis.

IPCL has also fully acquired Meenakshi Energy Limited, a 1 GW coal-fired thermal power plant (0.3 GW installed & 0.7 GW under construction) in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. Renewable portfolio consists of 132.2 MW located in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Karnataka, Uttarakhand and West Bengal.

A Joint Venture with Uniper Kraftwerke GmbH, India Uniper Power Services Private Limited was incorporated in 2016, primarily to foray into Asset Management Services for power generating assets. It is designed to serve both new-built plants and those under operation, whether operated by thermal, gas or renewable power.

Matsya Shipping & Ports Private Limited, a Joint Venture with Andamax GmbH, was incorporated primarily to foray into the Shipping & Port Sector, which could be tasked with coal movement to the Company’s various plants. As a responsible corporate citizen, IPCL cares for the Health and Safety of its employees, as well as that of the world at large. The company framed and implemented an environmental, health & safety policy, which it implements at all levels by adhering to necessary legal and environmental compliances and adopting various technologies as part of its systems.

We proactively work towards Fly Ash Utilization and strive to derive maximum usage from the fly ash produced at our power stations. We dispose of the generated fly ash by filling coal mines abandoned by ECL in the nearby areas, and by selling it to nearby brick manufacturers. Our teams have demonstrated an expertised capacity to Crisis Management and overcome challenges, which we are confident, will hold us in good stead in the years to come.

By ensuring 24x7 power supply, competitive pricing, easy payments, instant customer care, customer camps, customer surveys, and online and doorstep services, we have achieved incredible Customer Satisfaction. Our age-old traditions of Corporate Social Responsibility activities have also helped us gain the confidence of the residents of our operational localities.