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Health, Safety, Environment Policy

The Company, during the year under review has framed and implemented an Environment, Health and safety Policy to ensure health and safety of all employees of the Company directly or indirectly engaged in the business process at workplace and also protecting the environment.

Control of Air Pollution.

Control of Water Pollution.

Solid Waste Management.

Ecological Conservation.

Effluent Treatment Plant.

Environmental Laboratory.

The International Labour Standards on Occupational Safety and health sets forth the principle that workers should be protected from sickness,disease and injury arising from their employment. Yet for millions of workers the result is very different. An estimated 160 millions suffer from work related diseases and there are an estimated 270 millions fatal and non-fatal works related accidents happened per year. The suffering caused by such accidents and illnesses to workers and their families is incalculable. These tragedies are preventable through the implementation of sound prevention,reporting and inspection practices to provide for maximum Safety at work which also included the introduction of a preventive Safety and health culture, the promotion and development of relevant instrument and technical assistance. SELECTED RELEVANT OSH INSTRUMENT AT IPCL( INDIA POWER)

We have adopted a occupational Safety and health policy within the organisation to promote OSH activities and to improve workig conditions.

We provide for the establishment occupational health service( A resident Doctor 24X7 with an ambulance van)which are responsible for advising the employer, the workers and their representatives in the establishment on maintaining a Safe and healthy working environment.

Permit to work ( PTW) strictly maintained at all mechanical/Electrical/construction job like work at heights, work executed in confined spaces etc.

Working environment shall be kept free from any hazards due to air pollution, noise or vibration. To arrest the above hazards we have introduced supplementary measures like PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in the organisation.

In the Chemical sector we have introduced ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) to control the waste water as per state Pollution Control Board guidelines and also for the handling, the storage and for the transportation of chemicals we provide protective equipments as and where necessary.

We provided fire extinguishers in different fire zone in and around plant area and also well equipped fire hydrant system have been introduced in the plant area and in the coal stock yard.

We have constituted a Safety committee to provide guidance on Safety and health at work place and also to discuss national laws, regulation, accepted standards etc. at the said meeting.

We provide Safety training, Safety counselling, tool box meeting, Safety visit etc. for protection of employees.

For Safety awareness we celebrate National safety week every year. To commemorate the said event we arrange Safety seminar, training,drama,poster,quiz competition etc. in a befitting manner.

For protection of environment in and around our locality we have introduced tree plantation event with State Forestry Department in every year.