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Introduction & Objectives

Swayambhu Natural Resources Private Limited (SNRL) is formed in the year 2011.

SNRL has to source thermal coal assets to cater to the need of India Power Corporation Limited for their respective existing and upcoming power plants.

SNRL as a group company will develop global mineral assets for the group.

SNRL will develop its Mining & trading division.

SNRL will develop its logistics wing for trading division for door-to-door supply contract.

Conventional energy

SNRL will operate with four major verticals –

Fuel Supply to India Power Corporation Limited for power generation.

Mine Acquisitions & Consultancy Services.

Trading of Mineral commodities.

Logistics – through outsourced agencies.


Mine Acquisitions

The Major activities of this vertical in the coming years will be as follows:

Acquisition of coal mine asset to ensure consistent (quantity & quality) supply to India Power Corporation Limited’s captive power plants at Asansol & Haldia.

To make long term agreement for procurement of thermal coal in India Power Limited and trading globally.

To apply prospecting licenses globally where suitable thermal coal are available during the year 2012-2013.

To apply prospecting licenses for non-coal mineral assets globally during the year 2012-13.


SNRL will provide the logistic support to door supply of the coal to India Power Corporation Limited to their respective power plants.

The logistics will act upon door delivery of thermal coal to other power producers.